Poster Presentation Information

Poster Policy

  • On October 19th, the Exhibit Hall opens at 13:30 to mount posters.

  • Presenters must mount their posters no later than 14:30 on October 19th.

  • Presenters are expected to be at their poster boards during the assigned session presentation time.

  • Posters must remain on display until 18:00 on October 20th.

  • On October 20th from 14:00 to 14:30, presenting authors should be available at their poster to explain and discuss their work with Poster Award Committee and interested participants.

  • Posters that do not remain on display all day during their assigned day may at the discretion of the poster selection committee become ineligible for awards.


Technical Specifications

The message should be clear and understandable even without oral explanation. The Poster should contain the same sections as the submitted abstract (Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, etc.) The dimensions of the poster board are in Portrait style. It is suggested that your poster is 90 cm wide and 120 cm tall (A0 size). The text, illustrations and other type of information on your poster should be readable from 2 meters. Use of large print and shade or color block letters when possible is encouraged.


Instructions for Poster Presentations

All poster participants will receive a board number. This number indicates the placement of the board within the Exhibit Hall. There will be a poster help desk to assist all participants.